Thursday, October 19, 2006

They told me that when I get to Central Devision, there are so many crooks that they would be jumping in to the back of my car. Today, that basically happenned. This dude was released from prison on Sunday. He was supposed to check in with his PO on Monday. He called me on Wednsday to say that he is wanted and I need to arrest him. It actually took some work to verify that he was wanted before I took him in. The poor guy was in prison for 7 years and came back to San Diego because that is what he knew. He could only live on the street for the past 4 days and he realized he could not make it on the outside. I think he violated on purpose to get back to the security of his prison cell. It's a wierd game prison plays with the mind.


Blogger :shazzy: said...

It is sad that there are not enough services to transition people back into society. Like a case Worker, housing etc... He probably has a longer history with being failed by society, than the 7 years in prison. More money for public schools and special ed!!!!! More social workers for families in crisis!!!! Alas, no one is listening.

9:15 AM  
Blogger :shazzy: said...

I have blogrolled you by the way, is that okay?

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Blogger Douglas said...

What is Blogrolled?

He was actually released from centinella prison and bussed to san diego. I asked him if they checked to be sure he had someone to help him in SD and a possible job. He said they asked and he gave answeres, but they didn't check them out. They just kicked him to the curb and sent him on his way.

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Blogger Ian said...

Hi Doug,

Keep the blog going--you have a nice command of words.

I'm adding you to my bloglines RSS feeder.

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Blogger :shazzy: said...

just the list of blogs I read and their links.

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Blogger Sharon said...

There's probably a master's thesis waiting to be written on that example of recidivism. There's a lost life there - muy triste.

11:47 AM  

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